Senate passes historic $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill

Senate passes historic $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill

The Senate has passed a $2tn coronavirus disaster aid bill Wednesday night, marking the biggest rescue deal of its kind in US history. The bill was approved in a unanimous 96-0 vote after days of furious negotiations. The plan includes direct payments of $1,200 to most American adults, create a $500bn lending program for businesses, cities and states and $367bn fund for small businesses.

porcus 1 months

Correction: Democrats are still holding the American people hostage until they can stuff the bill with completely un-neccessary items and then blame Trump for it.

Paul C
Paul C 1 months

This is getting to be like groundhog day. Same news day after day. No change in the virus news. No change in resolving political BS. Meanwhile people can't work and the bills still need to be paid. What a mess.

AD C 1 months

The bill was unialaterally approved in the Senate 96-0. The house didn't even vote on it............... Screw party lines! It honestly seems like the Senate realizes what's at stake, while the house of Reps seems to think now is the time to play Partisan Politics I'm especially looking at Pelosi, there seemed to be next no problems until she came back from the vacation she took while everyone else was working on saving the country!

Mister Manager
Mister Manager 1 months

I hope the stimulus package doesn't pass. I know it sounds as though I lack compassion, but I don't want the dollar to collapse.

The 1 months

I just read an article that the stimulas package that they just passed gave them a 25 million dollar raise.

Spontaneous Order
Spontaneous Order 1 months

Just a reminder: Government doesn't have money to give away or lend. What it does is appropriate future wealth and controls how it is used by force. The vehicle is called "fiat currency." Fiat currency is not money. It is control. The U.S. government is issuing 2 trillion units of control over future economic liberty and prosperity.

Mike 1 months

Per CNN : $600 a week on top of state benefits!!?? WTH, I'm working retail through all of this and dont bring near that $850(add my states max+$600). I would make more on unemployment. Can't the Democrats ever do things right?

GreenPartyFTW 1 months

Both parties trying to line the pockets of their "special interests." Bankers are already counting their bonuses.

The Facts Provider
The Facts Provider 1 months

Fox news claims they never called the coronavirus a hoax.... but they are lying. What else is new:

Rational 1 months

Everytime I see Mitch McConnell smile my back side starts hurting in preparation for the reaming I'm going to get to support the destitute wealthy.

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