Do-not-resuscitate orders could be enacted across hospitals in America

Do-not-resuscitate orders could be enacted across hospitals in America

Discussions are being held regarding whether if and how to enact a universal do-not-resuscitate policy for coronavirus infected patients by the Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago. Similar discussions have been held in other hospitals across the United States as the country tries to fight with the coronavirus and its increasing cases.

Tom A
Tom A
ConcealCarryProtect 1 weeks

Blanket DNR is a scary thing. It means that medical professionals and EMS are not required to try and bring you back, which usually for these patients is as simple as high flow o2 and CPR. This is a fairly easy thing to fix if you can just breathe. The patient or family should decide if they want a DNR order.

MrFredag 1 weeks

Greatest healthcare system in the world my ass!

IvoryDove 1 weeks

"Hospitals across America" = three hospitals.... "could" = "could not"... This is sensationalism.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 1 weeks

Only source for this story is the daily mail. From what I understand they’re pretty trash (even worse than US MSM). I feel safe if calling this bullshit...

Chip 1 weeks

This is a bs article with 0 facts save maybe a tweet from unconfirmed sources. This goes against the oath medical staffs take. This should be removed as it’s spitting in the face of those on the front line now.

Anony 1 weeks

Since there only source is the daily mail I'm going to assume this is false or hearsay. The daily mail is a rag and cannot be trusted for accurate news.

Rae 1 weeks

I think/hope that this is false. could you imagine the Amount of the lawsuits that would come out of DNRs that was not approved of by the patient ?

Mr. Doc
Mr. Doc 1 weeks

Unpopular opinion: You should not believe everything you see on TV. Take it from someone that works in the ICU. 90% of people who are in bad enough shape to need CPR end up on the ventilator IF they survive CPR. (it's not nearly as simple as pounding on the chest a couple of times and giving O2) With no other underlying problems the prognosis for such patients is poor (about 40-50% mortality). If that patient has preexisting heart or lung disease the mortality is incredibly high, and the chances of being a functional human again are dismal. Regardless, in the US they end up staying on the ventilator for weeks anyway before finally "Pulling the plug". That being said, younger people tend to do much better than others at bouncing back, even with flu or coronavirus. I think a blanket DNR is inappropriate, but an obligatory DNR for patients over 60, or 50 with preexisting heart or lung disease would be appropriate if number of ventilators became a problem. #theHardTruth

Up 1 weeks

This is sensationalized bullshit. One article, all speculation. Way to fear monger MSM. Didn't Italy already go through this and actually opt to not treat certain older people bc they said nothing could be done? Yet, America has the problem.🙄 If they decide to not resuscitate then why treat them at all. Its not like they have to give them mouth to mouth or crack open their ribs. Yo''re not any more at risk than regular treatment. They are just limiting the amount of people that respond to cut back on the risk of spreading it. God damn. Can we please cut back on the insanity?

Kable tha Kiid
Kable tha Kiid 1 weeks

I almost feel like alot of these different institutions are trying to stoke the flames of this crisis, feels like it’s almost on purpose, what’s their end game???

Rae 1 weeks

I read the article from the Washington Post so it is a realistic issue. however it is due more to the doctors not having enough protective gear that it is being out numbered by sick folk although that is probably next

Lisa 1 weeks

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shawn 1 weeks

If needs to be done I am okay with it if it will save lives but it is a slippery slope it could be used euthanize of vary sick or dying people in vegetative states. What about the right to life or is that only for taking woman’s right to choose

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 1 weeks

Funny, cuz Dr. Brix was at the press conference yesterday telling everyone to chill out over DNR, and how were not there yet. I've been trying to find the video where she said it but the closest I could find was a link attachment on a Twitter by Curtis Hock. Here it is from Twitchy:

Something Witty
Something Witty 1 weeks

..... so, death panels?

James Villalobos
James Villalobos 1 weeks

This tells me that we're getting to triage levels of resource management, and that is TERRIFYING.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 1 weeks

This is probably sensible. When you reach the stage of needing resus from almost any disease, it means you can't be brought back. If you can, you usually die again soon afterwards, with destroyed ribs, brain damage and so on. The resources deployed to try and save someone in this state are huge and you probably risk other lives trying to save someone who simply is beyond help. Resus is a medical intervention and decision and it makes far more sense to say anyone who has got to the point of death from this disease shouldn't be for resus, excepting specific cases where the doctor in charge thinks there is a good chance they will arrest and be recoverable. So that'd be someone who isn't in massive respiratory distress but has significant myocarditis and is prone to heart arrhythmia. You may medicate them to prevent arrhythmia but you may start with a small dose and have to build up to what's effective. Shocking them fast and get them back whilst the drugs do their thing would be very reasonable.

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