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Man planning to blow up Kansas City hospital killed in shootout

Man planning to blow up Kansas City hospital killed in shootout

The FBI said a man they say was planning to blow up a Kansas City, Missouri hospital to inflict mass casualties during the COVID-19 pandemic was killed during a shootout. The incident unfolded Tuesday when the FBI moved to arrest Timothy Wilson following the ’conclusion of a long-running domestic terrorism investigation’. Wilson was led to believe he was going to pick up a vehicle with explosives.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 7 months

He was stopped. Thank God

Sir Spam
Sir Spam 7 months

Lot of these types are actually groomed by these agencies. Yes they meant to do the act, but most lacked the resources and IQ to pull it off. So they blow away a mouth breather every 9months or so and chalk it up as a win and grist for the fear machine and keeps the funding rolling and convince people to give up more civil liberties for "security". They want em dead because if they were on the stand in court people would hear how idiotic they are and know they we suckered in to this

Sandra 7 months

Where do these IDIOTS come from? Well, we need a mental health clinic on every corner( just as we would need a vasectomy clinic on every corner) but the people who have REAL mental health issues wouldn't use them.

Morbo 7 months

What a piece of crap, may he rot in hell. Who sees potentially millions dying world wide and decides to lend a hand.

Andrew Ryan
Andrew Ryan 7 months

I think I know what hospital he was planning to attack: Research Medical Center, the largest hospital in the area. My father works there as a security supervisor, and they are already dealing with a number of Coronavirus patients from lower level hospitals sent up to them. I’m glad that this, let’s be honest, terrorist, died before he could commit the attack.

Lev !🇺🇸 MINISTRY OF TRUTH 7 months

While I usually like to chuckle at the unkind explanation of the FBI acronym. I have to say that today I want to thank the agents of the FBI, and their digital bloodhounds, that likely sniffed out this psychopath... Thanks to Federal Agents like this, the United States - long may she reign...

Darrell Vermilion
Darrell Vermilion 7 months

I'm obviously not defending this guy, but brainwashing people who are on the fence just doesn't seem like a very effective method of counterterrorism. I don't believe in France's bullshit attempts to deprogram radical Islamic terrorists or whatever, but this is basically the polar opposite--it's a stone's throw away from entrapment, and I've always had mixed feelings about it. Even "To Catch A Predator" make me feel gross. You can't just intentionally feed a reclusive introverts lies about the world around them WITH THE SOLE INTENT OF RADICALIZING THEM and then act all surprised when they agree to be used as a tool for terrorism. Intelligence agencies do the same thing to disaffected Muslims with loose ties to islamic extremists (e.g., "questionable" extended family, lived in the same village back home, etc)--they literally spoon feed them every single possible thing they could need to carry out a terrorist act and then arrest them when they finally manage to goad them into doing something stupid.

Joe 7 months

Mental health is a serious illness in this world. Better treatment and diagnosis is needed to treat troubled me such as this guy.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 7 months

One less piece of shit

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 7 months

I wonder what he knew about the Clintons

Rational ific
Rational ific 7 months

Cool ending. One less stain on humanity.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 7 months

Ban All Assault Neckbeards

Randall 7 months

I didn't know that we had precrime technology. Couldn't they have intercepted the vehicle with the explosives?

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