Number of COVID-19 deaths in Spain surpasses China

Number of COVID-19 deaths in Spain surpasses China

After Italy, Spain’s death toll from the coronavirus has now surpassed that of Mainland China. Spain has recorded 3,434 deaths after 738 people died over the past 24 hours. This comes as the country entered the 11th day of an unprecedented lockdown to try and rein in the COVID-19 epidemic that has now infected 47,610 people.

The Light
The Light 4 days

In another article 80% of 2m€ in masks czech republic bought from China were faulty. From my sources the morgues and incenerators were and many still are working full capacity. You cannot get reliable statistics in China in anything in fact.

Unity.Nat 5 days

The Spanish Flu 2.0

TheTrooper424 5 days

When will fake news quit spreading Chinese propaganda? I've got a bridge to sell for any sheep that believes the numbers China is putting out.

Up 5 days

Chinese virus deaths.

IIzard 5 days

Anyone believes the Chinese government?

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