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Pelosi outlines plans for fourth COVID-19 relief package

Pelosi outlines plans for fourth COVID-19 relief package

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi predicted that the $2 trillion coronavirus economic relief bill approved by the Senate will pass the House on Friday with ’strong bipartisan support’. She added that this measure is insufficient and Congress must begin drafting a fourth relief package.

Nick Stice
Nick Stice 5 months

The Democratic establishment has in fact learned nothing. They keep earning the ire of Americans and put the blame on us for them being out of touch.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 5 months

Disgusting. Anyone who holds the american people hostage for diversity zero carbon emissions for airlines, a higher salary for house reps....etc(stuff that has nothing to do with the virus) should be stripped of their power and position. It happens to be the democrats this time.

porcus 5 months

Wow. It's as if Pelosi is intent on single-handedly destroying the Democratis party. I think she's going to go down as the absolute worst majority leader ever. So clueless.

AD C 5 months

Pelosi, putting Liberal Art Centers ahead of the American people.

Up 5 months

No. No they have not. But by all means keep playing ridiculous partisan politics bc your party is dying off. Trump's approval up btw. Imagine when the economy gets back on track. Nov is going to be like Trump dropping an atom bomb on an ant hill. Dems dont stand a chance.

Connie 5 months

She apparently has friends in high places who need a government handout. But it's okay because the Pope implored her to "help the people". So which "people" might that be, Madam Speaker?

Josh 5 months

Oh so they ARE in fact voting today? Nancy didn’t insist they couldn’t vote and pretend it has nothing to do with her wanting her own bill? Well thank heaven for little miracles.

IvoryDove 5 months

How many Americans have died while Nancy fiddles and refuses to do her job?

EnervatedSociety 5 months

Wh%re of Babylon

Barry 5 months

The comments make no sense to the stories linked..

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 5 months

How many small businesses Pelosi is willing to sacrifice for the "arts?"

Up 5 months

Shut up you old bat and do your fucking job.

Pedro Rodriguez
Pedro Rodriguez 5 months

How many pages this time Nancy? 9001?

Clint 5 months

Pelosi wants to give Americans even more. Pelosi haters are losing sleep over how to spin this in a negative light😂😂😂

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