John W
John W 1 months

AOC wants illegals and foreign investors to get stimulus money. AOC rips Republicans because the coronavirus stimulus bill doesn't include cash payments to illegal immigrants

Fin 1 months

Don't want or need it.but happy to give it to my disabled brother confined in a assisted living facility... Thanks to a drunk driver

RJ of Cthulhu
RJ of Cthulhu 1 months

HA! NYT is so far up their butt it is incredible! You should tithe, but I am not giving all of that money away. The elitists can go suck a big one in my opinion

Randall 1 months

This is what is happening with the money, it's like this: You (the working class and small business) and I (the corporate elite) are out begging for money and someone (taxpayers) gives us $5.00. You get $0.75 and I get the rest. Because I'm elite, I'm allowed to take my $4.25 into the bank and use it to secure a loan of 10x which is $42.50 but You are Not allowed to do the same. I'm allowed to put that loan money in My pocket and spend it on anything I want but YOU are required to make the payments on "OUR" loan because You received 75¢ of the original $5.00 that WE were given. This is part of the "DEAL" we were just "given" by our government! That's what our leaders were forced to settle on because we, the people, are panicked and in dire need and the corporate elite see an opportunity to exploit us AGAIN! This is why I keep saying "LET THE CORPORATIONS FEND FOR THEMSELVES!" Everyone says "BUT THE JOBS, ALL THE JOBS!!!" PEOPLE... Relax! Those corporations are Not going to fail. They have PLENTY of money. THEY DON'T NEED ANY MORE MONEY! They can shut down, send everyone home, all employees get their UBI's so the corporation doesn't have to pay out, the corp is out nothing but pure executive profit and I'm sure they can live off the $10 million they made last year. Why the f*ck should we give them anything when they've been exploiting us for fifty years?! FU*K THE CORPORATIONS, THEY'LL BE FINE! Any that do go under will certainly be replaced by many small businesses much like saplings after a forest fire. Small businesses have always been the backbone of the US and world economy.

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