Alabama girl, missing for two days, found

Alabama girl, missing for two days, found

Rescuers in Alabama on Friday found a 4-year-old girl who had been missing for two days. Vadie Sides was in good condition with a dog at her side when she was found, authorities said. Authorities said the child had disappeared from her babysitter’s sight Wednesday while they were walking in a backyard with a hound dog. Hundreds of volunteers had searched the woods.

Spontaneous Order
Spontaneous Order 1 months

More good news stories, please. Yes, we will be in a depression. Yes, we will lose more freedoms as government usurps more to keep us "safe." But all pandemics come to an end and humans will survive and love and prosper despite it all. Gas prices are down, pollution is down, accidental deaths are down, flu virus deaths are down.

Fin 1 months

The dogs the hero..

BoboRama 1 months

So did she still have her hands when she went missing?

Hasegawa Fish
Hasegawa Fish 1 months

Some welcome good news.

Terry carling
Terry carling 1 months

Babysitter fired, search and rescue promoted :)

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