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Israeli air raid flattens Gaza building housing Al Jazeera, Associated Press

Israeli air raid flattens Gaza building housing Al Jazeera, Associated Press

A tower block in Gaza, housing the offices of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera news outlets, has collapsed after being hit by an Israeli strike. The strikes Saturday came roughly an hour after the Israeli military ordered people to evacuate al Jalaa tower. A statement from the Israel Defense Forces said the building had contained military assets belonging to the intelligence offices of Hamas.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 0 months

Talk Sh|t, get H|t.

Eric “Libertarian Lefty”
Eric “Libertarian Lefty” 0 months

Not surprised. Israel will continue their attacks until everyone is pushed out of the West Bank or killed. I get retaliation against terrorist but when it’s destroying family and civilians it has gone way to far. Time for everyone to straw man and call me an Anti-Semite.

JakeN 0 months

Both sides hella suck. wtf is wrong with Israel right now, they're acting like nazis with their racism against others. What hypocrites.

Arvind 0 months

IDF says Hamas’ military intelligence assets were present in the now destroyed Al Jala tower where co-incidentally Al Jazeera’s office was also based. This could also mean that Hamas’ propaganda started from here. More than Israel, it is Al Jazeera that has much to answer for.

Max 0 months

Civilians are suffering on account of their own incompetent government starting a conflict that they couldn't win, not Isreal's retaliation. Can't help but think that this was the plan though, start a conflict then play victim, knowing that the bias, controlled media will back them up and push the appropriate narrative. Isreal's in a tough situation.

Sub__ 0 months

Targeting media outlets is a smart move from isreals side, less coverage of the masacre they’ve commited and the genocide they’re about to commit is by all means perfect. Reporters are already struggling to stay safe amid the the shear terrorization they’re causing in Gaza. Tipical isreali war tactics, intercept media coverage, demonize the enemy in bulk propaganda coveraging huge percentage of international news around the world and then you can commit whatever war crime you’re planning on doing. But this time it’s different, what they failed to anticipate is that this time the international community knows. This time international recognition is truely present.

The Last Viking
The Last Viking 0 months When a satirical website has more insight then some in this comment section 🤣🤣🤣

Voice of Reason
Voice of Reason 0 months

So now Israel is overtly targeting journalists covering their atrocities. Sure looks like they have something to hide now.

Goblinkiller 0 months

Comment sections fill with zionist supporters

Indo 0 months

Excellent at tearing Palestinians down. Good work, keep it up !? World still just watching !?

James 0 months

Anyone notice the irony of Israel warning those journalists first so they could live to continue their antisemitic reporting? Think Hamas or Hezbollah would’ve been as nice if the roles were reversed? 😂😂

Angela Clark
Angela Clark 0 months

America has got to stop funding Israel! The PM Netanyahu is not doing right with that money! He’s killing human beings with it, besides he’s a thug like the tRump!!

jennifer 0 months

I'm gonna take a guess and say that a large number of respondents here base their viewpoints only on what they've seen/ heard on news outlets in America and think they're experts on the subject. Idk enough about the subject so the only comment I have regarding it is: religions suck and I hope one day they don't exist anymore.

Randall 0 months

So it appears to me that Israel is using the press to lie to the world about how nice they're being and how bad the other guys are being. I get the distinct feeling that one or two Palestinians fired some bottle rockets into Israel harming no one and nothing and Israel responded with this after giving one of their own agents a warning to evacuate. I think it's time for the CIA to preform an Israeli regime change.

Jason 0 months

Legal ethnic cleansing. Everybody turning their heads.

Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 0 months

Israeli Murders will always justify their despicable actions

Patty 0 months

Israel needs to stop this shiit

John 0 months

Man I thought trump didn’t get along with the media.

Rational ific
Rational ific 0 months

Please, Israel! Us next! (Seriously, not good to silence those who are actually not violent, but this does make my mouth water.) Any chance Israeli missiles can reach Atlanta? Also, Rockefeller Plaza is a noteworthy structure, but we can always try building it back later.)

Zion 0 months

Maybe we turn the whole Middle East to glass? Fewer problems... KIDDING!

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