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Trump calls for expulsion of Thomas Massie from the GOP

Trump calls for expulsion of Thomas Massie from the GOP

President Trump blasted a Kentucky Republican who may delay the $2 trillion economic stimulus vote Friday. Rep. Thomas Massie is against the stimulus bill threatening to force a roll-call vote on the package in the House. ’Throw Massie out of Republican Party!’, Trump tweeted Friday. ’He just wants the publicity. He can’t stop it, only delay’, Trump added.

porcus 7 months

Edit: Per Tim Pool , Massie is just wanting the Congress to push a button indicating how they voted. It does not require more time and it is not going to stop the vote or bill. So why is Trump attacking him so viciously? Probably because he does not want anything to endanger this from being approved and done. I don't have any problem with Massie doing this, at all. ========================== I understand the desire to hold representatives accountable for how they vote for (or against) this bill, and for sure both parties will be blaming the other for the massive debt and inflation to follow. And I would normally want to hold their feet to the fire for this. But I am also fine with blaming both parties for this mess too. :D

The Factual Dreamer
The Factual Dreamer 7 months

This is one of those moments as conservative where I can say President Trump is wrong.

NPC00111011 7 months

Honestly this is massively stupid idea that will continue to inflate the economy. Also, After getting a notice on this milqutoast lost that it would be “hidden” until a moderator could review i am Deleting app.

michael zubas
michael zubas 7 months

He was fighting the right cause, Accountable Voting. he just choose a Bad Time.

innatelyalone 7 months

So he is literally doing it just to be a dick.. i dont mind MOST libertarians bc they are truly people of "i do me, you do you" but this total lack of empathy for people that WE kind of have to help, bc we are ALL people, and Americans, is fucking trivial at best. Exceedingly annoying. And childish. Im not a dem, im not a Republicans. But fuck does it piss me off when people need help and politicians play with power over their lives.

Rational 7 months

Honestly this bill is a giant turd sandwich for the average American. They don't get much but they'll be indebted to the large corporations and the wealthy for generations to come. Even Canada who is much smaller and less wealthy then we are is providing their citizens with $2,000 a month for 4 months with no corporate bailout attached, and their health care is already covered. Actually most other industrialized countries response to this virus for the average people is significantly better than ours. I think it's about time that we let the free market really work instead of continuing to prop it up with socialism for the wealthy and the large corporations. If rugged capitalism is good enough for us, it should be good enough for them.

John W
John W 7 months

They throw a bone to workers, but the real money will go to large companies that will use it to buy up smaller companies, property etc. It's wealth consolidation. This not free market. Almost no competition. Too Big To Fail Banks: They Continue To Get Bigger and Bigger

AntiBS 7 months

With this [censored] stupidity and blatant disrespect for the American people and their wellbeing he should be barred from any form of political activity.

VOTUS 7 months

Masse is doing Exactly what Donald wants him to do.

Robert Jung
Robert Jung 7 months

For once I agree with Trump. The bill should be way better for the individual and less for big business.

“blue8044” 7 months

just another self-important wanker.

Scott Hallinan
Scott Hallinan 7 months

They are trying to give the unconstitutional F.E.D. even more power and he's the only one calling them out on it.

Randall 7 months

This is what is happening with the money, it's like this: You (the working class and small business) and I (the corporate elite) are out begging for money and someone (taxpayers) gives us $5.00. You get $0.75 and I get the rest. Because I'm elite, I'm allowed to take my $4.25 into the bank and use it to secure a loan of 10x which is $42.50 but You are Not allowed to do the same. I'm allowed to put that loan money in My pocket and spend it on anything I want but YOU are required to make the payments on "OUR" loan because You received 75¢ of the original $5.00 that WE were given. This is part of the "DEAL" we were just "given" by our government! That's what our leaders were forced to settle on because we, the people, are panicked and in dire need and the corporate elite see an opportunity to exploit us AGAIN! This is why I keep saying "LET THE CORPORATIONS FEND FOR THEMSELVES!" Everyone says "BUT THE JOBS, ALL THE JOBS!!!" PEOPLE... Relax! Those corporations are Not going to fail. They have PLENTY of money. THEY DON'T NEED ANY MORE MONEY! They can shut down, send everyone home, all employees get their UBI's so the corporation doesn't have to pay out, the corp is out nothing but pure executive profit and I'm sure they can live off the $10 million they made last year. Why the f*ck should we give them anything when they've been exploiting us for fifty years?! FU*K THE CORPORATIONS, THEY'LL BE FINE! Any that do go under will certainly be replaced by many small businesses much like saplings after a forest fire. Small businesses have always been the backbone of the US and world economy.

Michael Hedderson
Michael Hedderson 7 months

Aaaaand Kentucky strikes again

chris 7 months

Why do these guys complain they have to work friday? Are they essential.? They should get to work.

shawn 7 months

What it is not the do nothing demarcate shock of shocks wow

Jacob Barron
Jacob Barron 7 months

I guess that was strike 3.

🌀W_AS 7 months

And now they eat their own. Muhahahaha

The Right Perspective
The Right Perspective 7 months

I would prefer if this was done democratically.

not the 1%
not the 1% 7 months

save our workers bill...... uh huh.... 400M for normal people, 4T for corporations, allowing the richest to exit their business positions in the markets.... another mass theft..... last one done by obama and dems, this one by trump and repubs.......

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