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Majority Americans support ’social distancing’ despite impact on economy

Majority Americans support ’social distancing’ despite impact on economy

According to a Reuters/Ipsos poll, nearly one in four Americans have been laid off or furloughed during the COVID-19 outbreak. The survey showed that 81% said the country should continue social distancing initiatives, including ’shelter at home’ orders, ’despite the impact to the economy’. This includes 89% of Democrats and 70% of Republicans.

Rational 7 months

Mean while Congress works to pass the biggest hand out to the corporations in history that even some on Wall Street say will cost upwards of $10 trillion with only crumbs going to the American people and basically no oversight. Every other industrialized county is doing far more for their people then we are. But hey, gotta keep the wealthy wealthy above all else in this country.

npc8472 7 months

I love how it says people support distancing despite the's more like people support it because they don't want to die and their life is more important to them than the economy....dur....common sense there jackholes.

Don'tbackNV 7 months

Get ready, China is preparing to slaughter all taiwanese and geostrategically invade Taiwan: Such an action MUST be stopped as it would signal the beggining of Chinas global military campaign. WHO regarding Taiwan (proof they are pro CCP) Also, news voice... I still can't publish articles!!

Anthony 7 months

These nonsensical polls are ridiculous because they phrase them in a way as if we have a choice between the two. Of course staying at home and social distancing is going to impact the economy in a huge way but let's look at the alternative, not practicing social distancing, spreading the virus more and the economy still crash because people are dying. 🤔, which one shall I choose?

vito 7 months

It seems to be working already in Canada, new numbers are encouraging

Mutatis 7 months

That Reuters article is overtly spun propaganda to merely throw shade at Trump.

Rocky 7 months

To be fair most people support social distancing even when there is no threat at all to social contact.

Seekster 7 months

But for how much longer? I wouldn't be surprised of we see people start to increasingly ignore the quarantine if it continues into late April. Right now there are just a handful of people disobeying quarantine but I doubt most people will stay cooped up for much longer.

Binx1 7 months

where do these polls come from? was it equal Democrats/republicans? durring this little polling they conducted?

Fin 7 months

It should be called social spacing... N it is necessary as is masking

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