Robert_Clearwater 1 months

The author for the Forbes article couldn't help herself. She ended up sneaking some nonsense about "wealth concentration" at the very end it's really just a capitalism bad hit piece with a Halloween mask.

Fin 1 months

A big shout out to harbor freight.. They donated all their stock on masks and gloves to first responders... Also big shout out to Texas road house steak house.. The ceo n owner had their restaurant chains implement social distancing and universal protocols for reducing covid spread way way back in early Feb..... And this guy is looking out for his folks... Even with massive lay offs..... Don't forget to take out from mom and pop restaurants... The lions share of relief needs to go to small business n the restaurant industry.. Also big shout out to copper kettle brewery Ormond Beach FL... They got approval n converted brewing into making hand sanitizer.. They what they make give to public n first responders free.. Asking only for donations.. When we get through this.. Putting em in my must visit n spend tons there when I head to FL for vaca

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