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Three industries that are being decimated by the Coronavirus

Three industries that are being decimated by the Coronavirus

Three of the hardest hit industries from the coronavirus are the airlines, hotels & restaurants. They have all seen dramatic drops in their revenue.and their business hardship will lead to a huge number of layoffs. Besides the current challenges, even when this pandemic is under control it will probably take months for business to get back to the level it was before.

BadgerMilk 6 months


By Faith
By Faith 6 months

the government shouldn't be shutting down so many businesses. Likely the economy is going to cause more deaths than the virus. starvation and other things etc

Normal 6 months

The planes won't blow up. The hotels will not collapse. The cruise ships won't sink. They will still be there when this is over and somebody will start new businesses that use them if there is a demand.

Christian 6 months

Decimated just sounded so cool that it had to be redefined. It used to mean cut down by a tenth, hence the "Dec." Just kind of confusing having two definitions, were they decimated or decimated? Damn, now I gotta click and read this to find out when I'm more of a 'headline and comment wall of text' kind of guy.

Fin 6 months

The one that employs the most... Restaurants.. They should get the lions share of help in these packages

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