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’Don’t be a cutie pie’, Trump mocks reporter

’Don’t be a cutie pie’, Trump mocks reporter

President Trump shot back at ABC News’s Jonathan Karl pressing him about the availability of ventilators during a White House press conference Friday. Karl asked Trump what the president could do to assure ’that everybody who needs a ventilator will get a ventilator’. ’Look, don’t be a cutie pie, okay? Nobody’s done what we’ve been able to do’, Trump fired back praising his admin’s response.

IvoryDove 5 months

It was a stupid question. It presumed a 1:1 ratio of ventilators to victims regardless of how many victims, where they are located, and somehow the federal government is responsible for anticipating the need and location they should be provided. We have no idea what the number will be nor where they'll be needed. It's an impossible goal.

John W
John W 5 months

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Admits Stockpile of Thousands of Unused Ventilators “We don’t need them today, because we’re not at capacity today, that’s why they’re not deployed because they’re not needed,” Cuomo said.

Seekster 5 months

Yeah I watched the conference and the question was clearly a trap and Trump's response was hilarious.

CommanderVaasDC 5 months

Another leading question to try and get the president to promise an impossibility. Some causalities have already emerged from this and you have more people than rooms. "reporting"

Up 5 months

🤣🤣🤣 Trump is the man!

Jack the Muckraker
Jack the Muckraker 5 months

Which was downplay it and pretend its getting better when its actually getting worse? RESIGN

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