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Democrat Rep. moves to censure GOP lawmakers for downplaying Capitol attack

Democrat Rep. moves to censure GOP lawmakers for downplaying Capitol attack

Rep. Cicilline is seeking support for a resolution to censure several GOP lawmakers who he said made misleading comments this week about the Capitol attack. The resolution names Reps. Andrew Clyde, Jody Hice and Paul Gosar. ’These members cannot be allowed to rewrite history at their convenience by disrespecting the sacrifices made by Capitol police officers,’ Cicilline wrote to colleagues.

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Confession through projection. Dems really need this concocted narrative to hold together so they can persue more and more authoritarian measures. $1.9 billion for troops/security, domestic spying, and punishment for thought crimes for any that question the narrative.

a commoner
a commoner 0 months

Ok so censure the Reps for 1 day in January. But then censure the Democrat for the "peaceful protests" that have been going on for over a year!

Jeff 0 months

Why is the capitol riot still in the news? They're obsessed with it. It's almost like they want to say see see whitey did bad see see, look over here not at those 700 burning minority businesses or inner city pharmacies elderly people relied on for life saving medication but couldn't get it because it was destroyed, especially don't look over there at the burnt down local grocery stores disabled people and elderly people relied on for food. May if the capitol had an apple store and the rioters stole some iPhones it would all be forgiven

Drunkin Lephrechaun
Drunkin Lephrechaun 0 months

Democrats: free speech for me but not for thee. “Trump/Russia collusion” for four freakin years turns out to be a group hallucination suffered by DC Democrats, anyone calling for their censure? Now we see the Democrat party for the tyrants they are.

Idaho Liberal
Idaho Liberal 0 months

We all saw it. Anyone who thinks the attack on our Nation’s Capitol was anything short of domestic terrorism and an attempt to overthrow American Democracy is liar and a traitor.

T 0 months

I will be funny when it is challenged and ruled unconstitutional. Democrats are desperate to put insurrection on us based on one date while they refuse and embarrassed to adress their democrat voters currently committing cop murders and had been so for over a year of burning and attacking police stations and ice facilities. Democrats have been committing domestic terrorism since March of last year, which by the way is INSURRECTION. Then they try to deny it while they riot and assault to DEFUND cops. Some democrats are even trying to blame defund cops on us because even they are desperately embarrassed despite of the evidence. All that looting is quite embarrassing too.

Seekster 0 months

Only if we are allowed to censure people who downplay the rioting by Antifa and BLM. CHAZ actually was a real act of insurrection.

John 0 months

That capitol riot was the day political violence officially became a bad thing. 6 months prior - thousands of stores & businesses destroyed, 30+ people murdered in cold blood, ten of thousands assaulted, billions of $ damage - nothing to see here. (Yes capitol riot was terrible btw)

White mana matters
White mana matters 0 months

What attack? I could'nt see it behind the mini flag-waving grannies and costumed larpers slowly marching between the mandated route bordered by velvet ropes. Where they the ones who shot the unarmed mother? Was the attack done by those who propagated the lies about the cause of the officers' death?

Endaro 0 months

Not a fan of either side, but this is Very Vindictive; wonder what else we can expect from the 82 year old grandma who’s drunk on power. She’d have some credibility if she had condemned the rioting last year.

Rational ific
Rational ific 0 months

If only politicians cared as much about the far more violent riots that ransacked and burned down local businesses last year, maybe they would have actually tried to stop them.

Beijing Biden
Beijing Biden 0 months

Capital police let most of the ppl in though🤔

Zachary 0 months

Can we cenusure them for over blowing January 6th?

Atlas Sharted
Atlas Sharted 0 months

Just a big waste of time. Let this dude embarrass himself and his constituents.

Jon 0 months

Those comments they made were psychotic. They claimed the rioters could be compared to tourists?! Are you F ing kidding me? Send in the clowns🤡

InteryCreeper 0 months

This comment section is just baffling to me.

hooman of hoomanland
hooman of hoomanland 0 months

Wrong is the person who hides from facts and not be open to dialogue

O.T.Q.D 0 months

Censoring elected officials now huh? This seems like a great idea

Glen 0 months

Does anyone want to see what Communism looks like? Just watch the Demacrats.

Randy 0 months

Democrats always be accusing others of exactly what they do themselves.

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