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Democrats want to spend almost $2 billion on security after after Capitol attack

Democrats want to spend almost $2 billion on security after after Capitol attack

House democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi, are set to vote on a record $1.9 billion increase in congressional security spending. This in response to violent protests at the inauguration of President Joe Biden. The bill includes upgrades to congressional offices, funding for more security, and funding for more capitol police. This as democrats push nationally for cuts to local police funding.

Brad 0 months

Government supports police abandoning private citizens to a 2000% homicide rise in Portland but Pelosi's desk gets a billion for being vandalized. The government truly cares about the people.

Green 0 months

Almost $40 million of this bill is to purely prosecute people that were arrested for the events that day. This bill seems like our government is over paying for a lot. Hom many body cams does 8.6 million buy? How many officers are in the capital police force? I am not saying a secu6overhaul is not needed, I'm just saying government contracting needs to get purged of all the corruption.

Glen 0 months

Congress protects their backsides, but fail to protect neighborhoods and communities from rioting. How fitting!

nathan 0 months

Still NOTHING on the avtual insurrection happening in Portland, Seattle, and Minneapolis where neighborhoods are destroyed and looted. But those are just pore black neighborhoods. Democrats say, “forget them!”

Glen 0 months

Congress protecting their own butts, but protecting business and neighborhoods from rioting is not important. What a bunch of hipacrits.

Jon 0 months

There is truly something wrong when our government deems it necessary to fortify the security measures for our politicians. Obviously we have the wrong politicians in office. Theses people are supposed to represent their prospective communities and protect the rights of the people they represent. The answer to our problem is not to disburse or allocate funds. These socialist behaviors will be the ruin of our economy. The rest of the country will end up on welfare due to the inability to pay taxes like the majority of California. Money is not the answer. Proper leadership and representation of the people and not the greedy agendas of the overpaid politicians will achieve much better results

John 0 months

1.9 billion to increase security?? Paul Blart's fixin to get paid!!

atlas shrugged
atlas shrugged 0 months

Related article that gives food for thought; "I saw tribalism rip a country apart — and now it’s happening in America"

Faittastic 0 months

Im at a loss, what is america becoming..

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 0 months

Wait, so democrats don't want to defund the police. I wonder if democrat voters (aka leftards) know this.

free 0 months

Somebody shut Nancy the fuck up. So tired of her dumbass.

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