Liberty University students report symptoms of coronavirus

Liberty University students report symptoms of coronavirus

As per reports, a dozen students at Virginia’s Liberty University have indicated being sick with symptoms consistent with COVID-19. No cases of the virus have yet been confirmed on the school’s campus. Liberty was in the news last week after students began returning to campus despite an increase in the number of coronavirus cases across the nation.

TheCurrentModality 1 months

Has literally nothing to do with Trump, check your TDS at the door.

YourHighness 1 months

Looks like the novel coronavirus has brought a reality check on Trumpism.

Paris Cloud
Paris Cloud 1 months

If you think you've got it, don't take anything to lower the fever (unless you get really bad). Fever reducers can make respiratory illnesses worse.

shawn 1 months

Good go back to school fallow your jerry Falwell as in my opinion jerry Falwell is not about Christianity he is about the money just my opinion

Fin 1 months

Those infected should bring class action lawsuit against Jerry jr for recklessly endangering his students n faculty n campus staff..

siri 1 months

Hypocrites use religion to make questioning their actions about false moral high ground, same goes for him. He should be charged for reckless manslaughter, and lose it all. This school owner knowingly endangered lives of students, their families and everyone in contact. Warrants a huge lawsuit from the State's prosecuter and swift justice served, so much is wrong with this whole set up. The disconnect with the unhinged preacher's son, now business man weilding power to disobey state of emergency orders at this college, and his having support from a TV channel where he is given air time like an expert who is really an Alex Jones type just broadcasting his unfounded opinions to rile up fear and this bizarre cult following, putting this human on a pedastool. His whole history of recklessness has been investigated.

anthony 1 months

A complete idiot just like his father.

Fin 1 months

He is one greedy arrogant pos

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