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Two of Bolsonaro’s tweets removed by Twitter

Two of Bolsonaro’s tweets removed by Twitter

Twitter has removed two of Jair Bolsonaro’s tweets from the social media platform. According to Twitter, the tweets violated the social network’s rules. In the two tweets, the Brazilian President questioned the quarantine measures which are aimed at containing the novel coronavirus disease.

Tom A
Tom A
Up 5 months

Yes Twitter, censor politicians. This wont backfire on you. I definitely trust an authoritarian left leaning social media platform to determine what I need to hear. What could go wrong.


If you use "far right" to describe anyone, let alone an elected leader, you are not a centrist news outlet.

One Watchable
One Watchable 5 months

What? A politician breaking the rules?! Well, I never!

Shalyn 5 months

Who? I have never heard of this person. Ppl get banned from Twitter every day why is this even news

Cindy 5 months

The new York times reported that women

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