Conservatives pushing for businesses to open slammed by John Oliver

Conservatives pushing for businesses to open slammed by John Oliver

Conservatives were slammed by the host of HBO’s ’Last Week Tonight’, John Oliver. Right wing politicians and media figures were called out by the TV show host for pushing for the reopening of businesses. This was done as the Conservatives pushed for the reopening even as the coronavirus pandemic rages across the United States.

Vox Dexter
Vox Dexter 1 months

Evening joke men agree orange man bad

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Please John Oliver, lecture me more on how bad I've been! Yes, I love it when fabulously wealthy ivory tower layabouts prescribe philosophies for me! Shower me with your wisdom, Oliver!

Seekster 1 months

Why is this news?

Milkshake 1 months

Isn't this the imbecile who made an episode on public shaming that not only ignored Covington for some reason, which was the biggest one that year, despite nudging Jussie in, but also did everything in his power to sideline and downplay the Clinton family's responsibility for stoking the public shaming of Monika? If I wanted to hear someone blast Trump for failures, I think I'd search for a more qualified person with some integrity and a good head on their neck who can talk like a normal person and has control over their emotions, this ain't one.

Peter 1 months

What right wing media? Another commie talking head.

Andrew 1 months

John Oliver, this is a gutless disgusting trolling of Trump. Try blaming China.

Matthew Versaggi
Matthew Versaggi 1 months

Most self respecting dead fish wouldn't be wrapped in a HuffPost....

Sirax 1 months

Just about every first world country is going through the same thing with variable results. Some worse, and some better than America. And before you go calling Trump the head of a death cult, Killary is the one your looking for.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 1 months

TDS is profitable, but for how long? Far left media companies are shutting down left and right.

Kyle G
Kyle G 1 months

The media and entertainment industry really can’t give Trump just one day of peace. They literally spent 8 entire years kissing Obama’s a**...but this man can’t get a single day. Really just shows how corrupt they all are.

Mathan 1 months

Essentially, he ripped the revisionist right wing nutters a new asshole and reminded everyone of how long it took trump to act having supposedly known about this since January. He's also pointing out how the right is so desperate not to lose money that they're willing to kill our people to keep it going. Yes, market worship is a death cult. Facts may hurt you snowflakes on the right, but they're facts. Anything else is a lie.

O'Brien 1 months

His wife must know the meaning of buyers remorse better than most. Probably takes all her strength not to bring her service weapon home.

Jon 1 months

He killed it last night.

neo the one
neo the one 1 months

I checked it out cause I thought it might have some funny takes on what's going on...but it turned into another 20 minute trump bash rant...this show used to be funny..even when he talked bad about trump it used to be he is just another late night lazy shrill with nothing funny left to say but cry about orange man bad..used to be a good show

Scott 1 months

I don’t know why so many are crying about this show. He’s got amazing fact checkers working with writers who know how to add jokes. When was the last time anyone said Fox News was truthful?! Lol please stay home people.

chris feil
chris feil 1 months

TV funny man says thing is bad, time to destroy the economy

Ironborn Pyke
Ironborn Pyke 1 months

When did ranting and bashing become news. Oh it's always been that way, my bad.

ICblades 1 months

Why is here it isn't news

Tencent owns Spotify
Tencent owns Spotify 1 months

This isn't news. This is an advertisement for a tv show that released yesterday.

ORANGE MAN 1 months

Says the 🐑

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