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Austria is requiring all shoppers to wear face masks in supermarkets

Austria is requiring all shoppers to wear face masks in supermarkets

Austria will require shoppers to wear face masks in supermarkets to slow the spread of the COVID-19, Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said on Monday. The country has closed schools, restaurants, bars, theaters, and other gathering places. People have been told to stay at home or work as much as possible. There are over 9,000 cases of the virus, with 108 deaths in the country.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Nupun An
Nupun An 7 months

Asians just feel unsafe if not wearing mask when they are out in the public area, in the supermarket, etc. There are many silent spreaders (those who have the virus but show no symptoms) out there... I would not risk myself getting infected!

John W
John W 7 months

They work even better to hold in virus that is why everyone even if asymptomatic needs to wear. That is why Japan and South Korea are doing the best. Even the leader go on TV with masks. Even during the Spanish flu they knew enought to wear masks. Everyone Wear masks.

Fin 7 months

That's right u mask in public because u must assume u are an asymptomatic carrier... No the simple masks don't protect u directly from covid... It's about reducing ur droplet contributions in public spaces

Zach 7 months

Watch the interview with (search) "Rudy Giuliani and Dr. Vladimir Zelenko" on YouTube. Its 41 minutes long. There is an effective treatment of 699 patients.

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