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Joe Biden showers praise on Anthony Fauci

Joe Biden showers praise on Anthony Fauci

Joe Biden, the former Vice President of the United States, showered praise on Dr. Anthony Fauci, the top infectious disease doctor, and called him a ’truth teller’. Mr. Biden, who is the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, also praised the Trump administration’s decision of ’letting Dr. Fauci speak more often’.

porcus 7 months

For everyone who thinks or says that Trump has "botched" this response and that he had "months and months" of time, you should read this basic timeline to get some facts straight. Source listed at the bottom. 2019 December 18th House Democrats impeach Trump 2019 December 31st China informs the WHO of pneumonia cases of unknown cause 2020 January wst China closes Huanan fishmarket 2020 January 7th China identifies coronavirus as the cause 2020 January 14th WHO claims there is no clear evidence of human to human transmission 2020 January 15th 1st confirmed infected US patient arrives in the US 2020 January 15th House sends articles of impeachment to Senate 2020 January 16th Senate begins impeachment trial of Trump 2020 January 21st CDC confirms 1st case in the US 2020 January 23rd China imposes a forced quarantine upon Wuhan. Other sources report that over 200k Chinese manage to flee out of Wuhan before the quarantine is actually enforced 2020 January 23rd WHO decides NOT to declare a public emergency 2020 January 24th WHO confirms 1st case of human to human transmission. US confirms 2nd case in the US 2020 January 29th multiple airlines suspend travel to/from China 2020 January 30th WHO declares Wuhan Flu to be a public health emergency of international concern 2020 January 31st US declares a domestic emergency due to the Wuhan Flu. The UK, Russia, Sweden, and Spain also do the same. 2020 January 31st Trump establishes the Wuhan Flu response team 2020 January 31st (at least) MSM claims that Wuhan Flu is less dangerous than the common flu. National Post, WashPo, New York Times, and many others 2020 February 5th Trump is acquitted in the Senate trial 2020 February 7th Chinese Dr Li Winliang whistleblower who brought attention to the virus, dies in government hospital 2020 February 24th WHO publicly advocates for a policy of containment 2020 February 25th US CDC warns public to prepare for the expectation that this will be bad 2020 February 29th WHO updates its policy on travel restrictions, which it is against Trump was being Shampeached in September-January; that was the overwhelming priority of the Democratic party and it's leadership. In spite of that, Trump set up the Wuhan Flu task force in January. While Trump was doing this the MSM - New York Times, WashPo, etc - were all playing down the virus. They said it was not as bad as the flu; you are griping about Trump saying it but you are strangely silent about your Lefty media sources for being the ones saying it first, loudest, and longest. So, given the timeline above, where is this "months and months" of time to prepare? Immediately after the WHO declared the pandemic Trump responded. The first US case arrived in mid January, when the WHO was still saying that there wasn't any evidence of human to human transmission. Two weeks after that Trump declares a domestic emergency, the day AFTER the WHO declared a public emergency.

Up 7 months

Drumph is never right about ANYTHING. He's a liar and trader rheeeee. Beat you to it lefties. 😂👌

TheCurrentModality 7 months

poor Faucci, he just lost his free pass. The fleeting adoration from the Trump haters will be gone in 24 hours and he will likely be turned into a villain.

Mathan 7 months

And did nothing

Barry 7 months

It's that even stranger that that's CNNs title. Breitbart says they argued till he finally listened

Bob Of Cheesecake
Bob Of Cheesecake 7 months

Orange man, bad? Orange man, not so bad??? Dose not compute.

porcus 7 months

Boom. anti-Trumpers are going to attack Fauci for being an obvious Russian troll.

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