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NY health care executive fired over posts on coronavirus and Trump supporters

NY health care executive fired over posts on coronavirus and Trump supporters

A top hospital exec in NY has been fired and another placed on leave for their Facebook comments where they are reportedly mocking the Trump supporters by suggesting that they should ’pledge to give up their ventilators for someone else’ amid the pandemic. Laura Krolczyk from Roswell Park Cancer Center has been fired while Lisa LaTrovato of Hauptman Woodward Institute has been put on leave.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 5 months

So people are not allowed to have opinions on Facebook anymore? How does spamming on a personal account justify am official response? Everyone should be allowed to have whatever opinions they like. Trump supporter, and Trump opposer both.

Fin 5 months

No they don't have right to post that crap when they hold such positions with a public health crisis... Health care is all about compassion n that includes even n especially for those u politically disagree with... Every time crap like that is pulled instead of informing ur gov s office u destroy what little public trust ppl have who need any kind of medical care not just covd patients... Now I get it if u are in a state that has a gov in full denial but slamming folks from opposite political party while politizing a pandemic is frankly fricking immoral.. Cut this crap out n stop provoking greater panic n let's swallow the pain n all do our civic duty... Our nurses n first responders n essential store workers lives depend on us working together n seriously practicing superior hygiene n social spacing

Jack the Muckraker
Jack the Muckraker 5 months

Ah, no freedom of speech, eh?

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