Fin 1 months

For the two ships seeking port u tell cruise lines to put up other ships docked to be isolation centers n u set up mobile med unit there at the docks... This way u can screen bn contain n u do immed point of care as the disembark.... U don't let em leave u simply require the cruise line provide other docked ships to serve as quarantine in place locations

Fin 1 months

Yep.... With the do nothing gov who enjoys placing blame on other states instead of taking action in a state that's huge with elderly... The ppl here won't forget that n will vote his denying butt out after one term

intherough 1 months

The governor is one thing. Our local county council won't close the beach here. We are maybe one of very few in the state, if not the only. The residents of our town have to dodge the young people, and others, in stores, gas stations, etc. The head of the lifeguard union, I believe, wrote one heck of an article slamming the decisions. It was so eloquent. If I hadn't witnessed these decisions myself, I wouldn't believe it.

Daniel 1 months

The answer might not surprise you lol

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