FCC requires anti-robocall tech be used by June 2021

FCC requires anti-robocall tech be used by June 2021

FCC has mandated all phone providers to implement call verification technology by the end of June 2021. The technology, known as STIR/SHAKEN, allows phone providers to verify that a call is coming from a real number. The approval comes after Congress voted last year to require STIR/SHAKEN to be implemented and for the FCC to oversee it.

Kristina 1 months

I get 3 or more a day starting with recorded voice telling me the warranty is about to end on my 2005 vehicle.

Arrow 1 months

I can't help but think this type of regulation comes with a big caveat of "at the expense of a little privacy ;)"

Barry 1 months

Most of those robo calls etc come from outside the country. So what is the FCC going to do?

Jason 1 months

I hate the warranty robo calls and credit card offers as much as the next person. But this is government overreach. If there is a market for it companies will create it. I would pay a few bucks a month for this service. not a fan of big brother telling private companies how to do business.

Evil Smoo
Evil Smoo 1 months

About time. So many automated calls and spam calls. I've been lucky, my mobile had mostly slipped through spam caller cracks. Same thing here, credit cards, "limited" offers. Suuuure.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 1 months


Mozgus 1 months

Can you stop the ones that leave Chinese babbling in my voicemail every day from Missouri area code?

Occam’s lazer
Occam’s lazer 1 months

Whooo, more government regulation...can’t wait

Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 1 months

It's always good to keep an eye on what government gets done when we're all focused on something else... I think this is probably good, but the devil can be in the details.

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