Maryland’s GOP Govenor says Trump’s claims on COVID-19 testing are misleading

Maryland’s GOP Govenor says Trump’s claims on COVID-19 testing are misleading

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan said that President Donald Trump’s claims about testing were misleading. While he said there is progress in testing, he said no state has enough tests yet. Hogan said Maryland will be expanding testing for COVID-19. Samples will also be collected at drive-thru sites. However, a doctor’s order is necessary for a member of the general public to be tested in the state.

Denise 1 months

Trump cannot help himself. He only knows how to exaggerate and lie.He has gotten away with it his entire life, but he can't get away with it now.Now there is video and photographic records of his statements and lies ...and you can't gaslight a virus. Someday my grandchildren will ask me what it was like living in the time of trump because they won't believe his entire presidency wasn't fiction. Bad fiction.

TheCurrentModality 1 months

More like, Never Trumper GOP RINO makes broad generalization about a hopeful statement. Trump makes an obvioualy hyperbolic statent to demonstrate a point and haters extrapolates meaning. He clearly didn't make a quantative statement. These weasley turncoats who get moments of attention will find deaf ears when the fickle media moves on in two days.

Jon 1 months

He is lying so bad even Fox news cut away during his press briefing the other day when he started talking about the bachelor, they cut the audio and just made some filler statement then they unmuted the audio again. Did you see this?

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