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Protest called for by Whole Foods workers amid coronavirus scare

Protest called for by Whole Foods workers amid coronavirus scare

A sick out protest has been called by the workers at Whole Foods grocery stores nationwide in order to demand better protective gear for workers working during the coronavirus pandemic. Growing efforts are being seen to provide workers providing essential services protective gear during statewide shutdowns and the sick out protest is a part of the efforts.

Tom A
Tom A
Mutatis 5 months

Some of these demands are worth discussing, however full pay for people who choose not to come to work is nonsense. There is currently an increasing labor supply, and employees should be picking their battles wisely.

Ruth Cole
Ruth Cole 5 months

We need to take care of these people. Theyve helped us by working during this time to keep us fed.

Jon 5 months

Good luck, the delayed response and downplaying from the president has set everyone way back. We cant even get masks at the hospital

JJ Shabadu Jr.
JJ Shabadu Jr. 5 months

What seems to be missing from most of the commentary surrounding these work actions is the unions that are taking advantage of this crisis to agitate for organized labor at these Amazon companies. These unions have been trying for years to gain a foothold at Amazon and are trumping up a bunch of grievances supposedly about the COVID-19 response, but are more about leveraging the situation to their advantage in an effort to gain the critical mass of worker support to convert these into union shops. This isn't to say that there is no merit to Amazon workers organizing, just that it seems that much of this whinging about conditions is disingenuous. We don't see this same level of noisy dissatisfaction at other retail chains experiencing difficult work conditions due to the crisis, but where the unions are not currently focusing efforts.

FoodNotBombs 5 months

Capitalism will not be the same after this. Yall had your fun but now we're going to have to collectively clean up this mess of a system

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 5 months

My husband works at a supermarket And they provided their workers with protective gear As well as a 10% raise. At the very least just give them some mask. Put up some sneeze guards at the checkout counters, And just do mobile ordering Or Grab & Go For Deli orders Shutting down direct contact at the counter. People are going to need medical attention so unfortunately nurses and doctors are going to be forced to work The same goes with The supermarket industry people need to eat So employees are considered essential workers that need to show up for their shifts.

Dawlben 5 months

There is one big trouble with getting masks and gloves, most of the supply is heading to hospitals.

Kyle G
Kyle G 5 months

Completely disgusting. Americans should be ashamed.

IvoryDove 5 months

There are a few union activists pushing this. The majority of employees are not. Fake News trying to create pressure to unionize... Because the left loves unions.

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