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Coast Guard orders cruise ships to stay at sea with sick onboard

Coast Guard orders cruise ships to stay at sea with sick onboard

The US Coast Guard has directed all cruise ships to prepare to treat any sick passengers and crew on board while being sequestered ’indefinitely’ offshore during the coronavirus pandemic. Dozens of cruise ships are either lined up at Port Miami & Port Everglades or waiting offshore. Most have only crew aboard, but the Carnival Corp., has more than 6,000 passengers still at sea.

Fin 7 months

It's inhumane.. When u could order carnival to put empty ships up as quarantine sites after docking n order carnival to send entire fleet of its Dr's n nurses emoyeed by carnival to augment a medical Mobil hospital or mash unit at the docks for very. Sick with covid... Gov DeSantis strikes again

Carol 7 months

Really sad! Even if you're an American citizen, this president would rather leave you all at sea so the numbers don't "add" up in deaths. Shameful. Don't leave the country while he's still in office!

Tiktator 7 months

Look on the bright side. Free extended cruise. For those dirt cheap tickets you purchased

Marta Caballero
Marta Caballero 7 months

So was the cruise a necessity during a pandemic??? Not a wise decision in my opinion.

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