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’Wet markets’ reportedly reopening across China

’Wet markets’ reportedly reopening across China

Chinese wet markets where wild animals are slaughtered in front of the customers are reportedly opening up in the country. Daily Mail reported that a medicine seller at a market in Dongguan, southern China, was seen advertising bats, snakes, lizards and toads. Another market in Guilin, in southwest China, was full of cats and dogs crammed into cages in filthy conditions and available for slaughter

Seekster 7 months

FFS China! Is China just playing the long game? "If we keep causing pandemics a lot of us will die but percentage wise it will kill more of the population in other countries until soon it's just us and India." Yes it sounds crazy but so it not learning from a mistake while still under the consequences of that same mistake.

Rocky 7 months

Wet markets and corona virus are unrelated. Corona virus is spread by droplets in the air and on surfaces that enter the body through mucus membranes like the eyes and especially the sinuses. It is not transmissible through food, but they are still kinda gross. That is not enough of a reason to shut them down.

Burak 7 months

i really don't want to say it but these people actually are begging to be rotten out by natural selection. out of words honestly

William 7 months

Dude I just dont get this at all. Christ almighty.

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