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New York’s Central Park turns into field hospital

New York’s Central Park turns into field hospital

Emergency field hospitals have been readied in New York’s Central Park. Around a dozen tents, equipped with 68 beds and 10 ventilators, have been put up in Manhattan’s park. New York continues to see a surge in COVID-19 cases - as per latest estimates, the number of cases in the state stands at 75,983 with 1,714 deaths. Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday the city was tripling hospital capacity.

christine hancock
christine hancock 7 months

Uh, may I suggest NOT putting COVID-19 or ICU patients in field hosptials. Use them for patients that are stable and not known to be carrying a highly communicable dissease.

A 7 months

at least they are doing real work instead of just praying for shit. now if they also helped out financially with all that dirty god money these churches stockpile.

John W
John W 7 months

Being outside is actually safer. CDC: Japanese Data Show Indoor Coronavirus Transmission 18.7 Times Likelier, as Garcetti Moves L.A. Homeless to Rec Centers Japanese data showed that coronavirus transmission was nearly 20 times more likely indoors than outdoors. That also applies to folks that like to swarm supermarkets without masks .

TheCurrentModality 7 months

Question? Are there any left leaning non-governmental organizations doing this?

CJ 7 months

What did all those doctors and nurses to with the other hospitals... one day you have 10-20 hospitals now you need 100? Someone should look into this... I’m not saying they’re hording hospitals, it’s possibly much worse.

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