Would be ’overkill’ to cancel rest of school year in California: Devin Nunes

Would be ’overkill’ to cancel rest of school year in California: Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes, a Republican Representative from California on Tuesday said that it would be ’overkill’ if the rest of the school year is cancelled in California due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Trump administration has, however, warned that the month of April could be ’painful’ for Americans.

Seekster 1 months

The school district I teach at closed until at least May. It seems pointless to come back to school for that last month. We are doing distance learning now.

Tyler 1 months

Nunes continuing to open his mouth and share his ignorance in spite of every reputable health official telling us from the beginning to shut down is "overkill". All we had to do was NOTHING. for 3 weeks, maybe a month tops. This species is simply too selfish, too greedy, to save itself.

Fin 1 months

I hope the potus takes him in some back room of wh and beats him with a stick.. The guy is a class a arrogant ass.. Who I bet sleeps in some air pressure negative room he built so he escapes the virus..

Brett 1 months

Nunes is a traitor who knew all along that the impeachment investigation he worked to deny and derail was not only headed in the right direction, but it was also headed towards him.

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 1 months

Why would anyone listen to Nunes? Whatever district he represents, get your act together and vote him out. He makes you all look like idiots for voting for him. He's talking out of his ass (excuse the language).

Paul C
Paul C 1 months

"Overkill" would seem to be a poor choice of words all things cinsidered...

John 1 months

I bet his children don’t go to a public school

Jean Guy Rivest
Jean Guy Rivest 1 months

Why? Lmao

Jack the Muckraker
Jack the Muckraker 1 months

Nunes is a corporatist hack.

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