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Internet Archive’s National Emergency Library draws backlash from Authors Guild

Internet Archive’s National Emergency Library draws backlash from Authors Guild

The Internet Archive defended its decision to make its collection of 1.4M books available online, despite most of them being in copyright. The organization argues that public libraries are currently closed. The Authors Guild said it was ’appalled’ by the decision made under what it called ’the guise of a National Emergency Library’. It added the Archive ’has no rights whatsoever to these books’.

Robert_Clearwater 5 months

This sounds an awful lot like playing bits of music on YouTube and a whole video gets flagged to send the advertiser dollars to the artist. Now I love the free market and I think it's important to pay people for their work, but these authors might not want to get too fussy at the idea that MORE people are reading their books. Imagine if a reader really enjoyed a piece of work but then they see on Twitter the author of their new favorite book bitching about missing out on some royalty pennies. Authors are not special right now, the whole world is being pinched, stop trying the be the most victimized.

Fin 5 months

So it's better to keep books knowledge from the ppl while they are shut it... Frankly I applaude that move since it's not business as usual n folks want to read

Cole. 5 months

then you have no right to write them

Lisa 5 months

Disappointing to see authors argue against the wider readership of their book. They should see that as an opportunity to build their base!

dan 5 months

In greed we trust

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