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Biden criticized for not offering Trump help on coronavirus

Biden criticized for not offering Trump help on coronavirus

Kellyanne Conway, a senior White House adviser has hit out at former Vice President Joe Biden, and has alleged that he has not called or offered assistance or support to President Donald Trump as the nation deals with the coronavirus crisis. Mr. Biden is currently under a self imposed isolation at his home in Delaware.

Seekster 5 months

Biden is helping Trump with the Coronavirus by not interfering. Biden could only make the problem worse.

Teagan 5 months

Conway is a political hack and should be laughed out of every room she walks in. With that said Biden is losing his mind, and shouldn't be the president.

Carol 5 months

He's "not" the president; Trump should have taken the advice of Obama, he left Trump with a response team and a plan of what to do! If Trump says he won't take "responsibility" why expect someone not in on his admin to say anything; no one told him to "hire" incompetent, uneducated in responses for the department he placed them over!!?

Stanley 5 months

What help can Biden give anyone? When he speaks, there's a question he knows what he's saying.

buzzwaffle 5 months

Pretty sure Biden believes in science and can help Americans right where he stays. Kelly Anne needs Psychiatrist though.

Staghorn 5 months

Except the Obama administration walked the Trump administration through an outbreak scenario before Trump took office. I guess we should forget about that?

Brett 5 months

Wow. Biden is not a part of the government. Should he have volunteered?

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