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Inmate in Louisiana prison dies after contracting Coronavirus

Inmate in Louisiana prison dies after contracting Coronavirus

Just four days after the death of an Oakdale inmate due to coronavirus, another inmate in a Louisiana prison has died after contracting the coronavirus disease. The prison is grappling with a surge in the coronavirus cases among prisoners and staffers, according to officials.

Tom A
Tom A
Jack the Muckraker
Jack the Muckraker 5 months

Thanks Trump.

Dr. Ötker
Dr. Ötker 5 months

The point is, did he die BECAUSE of the Virus, or did he die WITH the Virus? It's a serious question around the world regarding the death toll.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 5 months

I don't like the story and this is one of the biggest problems I have with News Voice. You should be required to submit at least two links the two Links submitted should have to either be one left one right or one neutral But there shouldn't be people posting articles With a list of left-wing or right wing sources This is supposed to be a news app of centrality. As far as the article itself only one of the links is about the story the rest are just Other stories surrounding other prisons another one My pet peeves about this app. So the article that did talk about the actual headline didn't list the age or any health conditions that the prisoner might have had Regardless of old, young, or healthy It sounds like from the article that they didn't wish to spend too much resources on the prisoner so I would suspect that they didn't have the best of treatment Regardless.

Kyle G
Kyle G 5 months

Yeah so are non-prisoners...what’s your point?

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