Truck carrying toilet paper catches fire in Texas

Truck carrying toilet paper catches fire in Texas

A tractor-trailer carrying toilet paper rolled over and burst into flames on a Texas highway early Wednesday. Images from the crash scene posted to social media show commercial toilet paper strewn along the highway. The truck driver and his dog were safe with neither hurt.

Dust Phoxner
Dust Phoxner 1 months

Oh no that precious white gold.

America 1 months

Nice sourcing Kathy. Good to see all sources being posted here. Many with left leaning sources only are making past the moderators these days. I remember my first story I tried posting had almost exclusive right sources, now I understand why I got no response from NV when I asked why it wasn't posted. Curious though all these all left leaning stories making it through though....

J. S. Dietrich
J. S. Dietrich 1 months

No! Anything but the toilet paper!

Robert 1 months

Oh this is horrible I'm getting tired of dragging my butt on the carpet

G Abba
G Abba 1 months

This is where TX secedes from the U.S.

PA_Patriot89 1 months


Dank Duck
Dank Duck 1 months

Panic shitting begins

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 1 months

I love how the mobile text notification for this headline simply reads: toilet paper on fire in Texas 🤣

Remington Colt
Remington Colt 1 months

Seriously... People need to learn how to use a "bidet". They can make 4 rolls of toilet paper last a month or more if they do.

Fin 1 months

Folks bout now wishing we kept sears running.for that sears roebuck catalogue

WWG1WGA 1 months

WTF is it with these morons and toilet paper. Kleenex, paper towels, napkins, newspapers, a book, a leaf, your hand then wash it. Food,Water, Booze, and Ammo is You need

Spontaneous Order
Spontaneous Order 1 months

Sorry, didn't mean to laugh. It's very serious, this butthole supply disruption thing.

Avi Khait
Avi Khait 1 months

This TeePee on fi-ya!

Horatio 1 months

Who wipes?

Jay 1 months

The new American currency up in smoke.

Leo City Wrestling
Leo City Wrestling 1 months

Get a cloth, water, soap and scrub. To think that the environmentalists & leftists, would use toilet paper instead of the hard work of washing

NPA 1 months

I'd have dropped a deuce right there so it wouldn't go to waste.

Alex B
Alex B 1 months

This is terrible. I haven't wiped in months

Paul Saxon
Paul Saxon 1 months

That's it... The last sign of the apocalypse.

Mrs. 1 months

Noooooooo! Oh, the humanity! 🥺

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