US Navy evacuating virus-struck aircraft carrier Roosevelt

US Navy evacuating virus-struck aircraft carrier Roosevelt

US Navy will evacuate thousands of sailors aboard the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt hit with the COVID-19 to hotels on Guam where the vessel has been docked since last week. Navy officials said only the sailors deemed healthy would be housed outside the Guam naval base. At least 70 members of the 5,000 crew have tested positive for the virus.

Paul C
Paul C 1 months

Seems like discussing the readiness and security of a strategic asset in the world press is maybe not the smartest way this could have been done.

IvoryDove 1 months

Does our military have a bio-weapon strategy? It looks like we don't. I'm still not convinced that WW3 wasn't launched in a meat market in Wuhan, China and nobody knows it yet.

Steve 1 months

The word "evacuating " in the title is very misleading. A skeleton crew will be left on to tend to the ship and maintain security.

FirstCensorshipThenJail 1 months

How the Frack does an Aircraft Carrier on patrol in the South China Sea get infected with the CCP Virus?

Fin 1 months

Called when in Port someplace they forgot to pull liberty passes

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