Pentagon has not yet sent 2,000 ventilators due to lack of shipment location

Pentagon has not yet sent 2,000 ventilators due to lack of shipment location

As per reports, the Pentagon has not shipped out any of the 2,000 ventilators it offered the HHS earlier this month because HHS has not yet provided a shipping location. ’There was discussion with HHS on where to send them, and then they said, ’Hey. Wait. We’re trying to take a look at the demand that’s required’’, Lt. Gen. Giovanni Tuck, the Pentagon’s top logistics official said.

I have no idea
I have no idea 1 months

So they are waiting for a request from the first person to say they are low on ventilators. They seems pretty reasonable to me. Despite the media propaganda and the fact the NYT told the same lie and got caught twice in the week about the ventilators needed we right now are doing fine.

.Tet. 1 months


IvoryDove 1 months

And there are people who believe that the federal government should be forcing states to follow their lead.???

Akidwithaclub 1 months

The feds fucking suck, and yet people want them meddling in our healthcare and education. The more the feds get involved with anything the worse it becomes

Carol 1 months

Being "president" should forever carry the "stigma" of having correct: intelligence, education, public relations, integrity of chacter, charisma, and compassion of humanity. This is much more "important" than whether or not the "news media" touts a contender's BIRTH CERTIFICATE...while all other above listed qualities are extensively lacking!

Carol 1 months

While people are dying the red-tape of government as usual plays the game of "russian roulette?!!" Our "federal" government isn't worth the ink our monies are printed with. This administration has definitely taught, if nothing else, the reasoning as to "why" an employee should definitely have experience in order to entertain the idea of application in attaining an important position that requires you to be over human life!

Lev 1 months

whoever wrote to the Pentagon that "hey wait we're trying to look at where the demand is" - needs to be strung up by his nuts somewhere around belt parkway in New York City.

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