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Putin imposes month of non-work to stop coronavirus spread

Putin imposes month of non-work to stop coronavirus spread

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia recently passed an order which directs Russian citizens to stay off work until the end of the month, as the country seeks to stop the spread of coronavirus. Mr. Putin, appearing in a televised address to the nation announced that he was extending the non-working policy that was announced for this week, to remain in place throughout April.

Jay 7 months

Something tells me that is selective. Troll hackers, malware developers, hired assassins as well as maybe doctors must continue working regardless.

G Abba
G Abba 7 months

Russian baby boom incoming!

Son Of Shaw
Son Of Shaw 7 months

Woah. I’ve gained my Covid “19” and it’s only been a week...

Malak Ben Hur
Malak Ben Hur 7 months

Will that order be followed by #EmergencyUBI?

Rabid Savage
Rabid Savage 7 months

So Russia does have infections after all

Lord Flasheart
Lord Flasheart 7 months

Lol, every economy is getting set on fire. China is laughing. CCP Health Organization is also laughing. Italy counts deaths WITH China Virus as death BY China Virus. Italian mean age is 65.5 alot of old people in Italy.

Eduardo Alvarez
Eduardo Alvarez 7 months

So this means liberals will do the opposite simply because they hate “The Kremlin,” right?

Charles 7 months

Insert anti-russian comment here

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 7 months


SmoovGroov 7 months

Will I still be able to send money to my soulmate?

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