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China denies hiding coronavirus cases, questions US’ action

China denies hiding coronavirus cases, questions US’ action

The Chinese Communist Party disputed US intelligence community’s conclusion that Beijing underreported the extent of the COVID-19 outbreak. ’Can anyone tell us what the US has done in the following two months?’, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said questioning the US’ actions since Feb.2, when the Trump administration banned arrivals from China. Beijing said its response was ’open and transparent’.

eddy yetty
eddy yetty 5 months

I'm not sure why any one would believe and support an authoritarian dictatorship like the Chinese government. Especially with so many types of evidence against their narrative. Just because they have the WHO in their pocket, doesn't mean everyone will bend the knee so easily to their propaganda

Ted Hill
Ted Hill 5 months

To Chomsky: He is correct that this is a market weakness. He is wrong that this is the true cause. The cause is natural. Globalized networks exasterbated the rapid spread. [Expand] That said, the black plague did just fine killing people across continents without neoliberal markets. The globalized connections helped spread in a matter of months what it took the plague years to do. What he is grossly overlooking is that the markets are what has allowed for the tech and capacity to treat, save lives, and process cures in equally unparalleled time.

F G 5 months

How can the Chinese Communist Regime make such claims when this is their fault? They literally dropped this on all countries doorsteps. They should be completely crippled by this in the world stage, since they are responsible for eventual millions of deaths. This IS the Chinese Communist Virus

michael 5 months

one liar calling another liar a liar.

Scribe J
Scribe J 5 months

i can smell the Bullshit from here

Pomai Kajiyama
Pomai Kajiyama 5 months

In reality, neither the Chinese Communist Party, nor the US Intelligence agencies are to be trusted.

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