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Missing Houston tiger found safe after several days

Missing Houston tiger found safe after several days

A tiger that frightened residents after it was last seen briefly wandering around a Houston neighborhood has been found and appears to be unharmed, police announced Saturday evening. Houston police were expected to offer more details on how they found the tiger at a news conference later in the evening.

Darrell Vermilion
Darrell Vermilion
GB Oz 0 months

No one should be allowed to keep wild animals as pets; especially when their is no oversight. It’s cruel and wrong - pure and simple, cruel.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 0 months

D@mnit! I was looking for that. I've been walking around with a steak and XL cat box for ages.

The Civic Nationalist
The Civic Nationalist 0 months

Glad it didn't kill anybody and was secured without being shot. I've been close to a cougar, and I can't imagine stumbling up on a cat quadruple the size. I always carry bear spray when hiking, and when asked why I carried it hiking the Santa Monica mountains, I always responded "aside from cougars? The posh idiots in these hills probably own some pretty crazy pets."

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