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Triple slaying suspect surrenders after standoff; child safe

Triple slaying suspect surrenders after standoff; child safe

After a prolonged standoff, Florida state troopers arrested a Georgia man accused of fatally shooting three people in his child’s mother’s family & kidnapping his child. Later he handed his 2-year-old son over to authorities after a crash near Tampa. He then stayed in his vehicle for several hours in a standoff with law enforcement before he eventually surrendered without incident, officials said.

Joseph Cribari
Joseph Cribari 5 months

Florida Man, "Didn Du Nuffen" Edition

Shane 5 months

Horrible that any kid’s should grow up without half of their family, and convoluted family relationships. God bid this child the ability to forget what was seen, and someday, when he maybe fostered and brought to a therapist, he has the willpower to withstand such knowledge.

Wholly 5 months

Georgia Man is way less entertaining...

Fin 5 months

Great job negotiating surrender Tampa pd

Barry 5 months

Damn talk about baby mama drama

GreenMachine 5 months

Welp, I guess he's not likely to see his child ever again.

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