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Chris Collins’ prison term delayed due to coronavirus

Chris Collins’ prison term delayed due to coronavirus

A federal judge on Thursday granted former NY Rep. Chris Collins’s request to delay the start of his prison sentence for securities fraud by two months. This comes after Collins cited concerns about the COVID-19 pandemic and its threat to inmates. Collins had been scheduled to report to prison for a 26-month sentence on April 21.

Carol 5 months

Gee, wish we "all" could be treated so equally special! I guess $$ talks?

IvoryDove 5 months

Those who commit crimes should be in prison. The prisons should eliminate all visitors and make sure their guards are healthy, but nobody should be getting out of prison due to a virus.

Fin 5 months

He is one that should be in.. Slimiest of crimes using public position to rip u and I off

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