Senator Martha McSally calls on WHO chief to quit

Senator Martha McSally calls on WHO chief to quit

Senator Martha McSally of Arizona blamed the World Health Organization for the coronavirus crisis that has affected large parts of the globe, and called on its Director to resign for the same. Members of the Republican Party has been unsparing in their criticism of the WHO, and have blamed it for an alleged Chinese cover-up of its coronavirus statistics.

Carol 1 months

Do you know "who" should really be called on to "resign?" TRUMP, a complete and total failure on every event!

Lisa 1 months

If anyone resigns because of their covering up the Coronavirus it should be DONALD TRUMP! he has misled and lied. It is BECAUSE Trump mismanaged the outbreak that the US is having the problems it is currently facing. Republicans should stop the blame game and start putting their energy into helping the medicinal professionals the equipment they need.

Fin 1 months

Wtf does she think she. Is.... Never called on AZ gov to step up... And gop been slapping who for years... Are u deflecting ur guilt Martha cause the truth is about to see what ur arrogance do nothing stances do to the rest of us.... Ur are a waste of a senate seat

CommanderVaasDC 1 months

Resign and face punishment.

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