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Most of the new ventilators will not be available until June, according to FEMA

Most of the new ventilators will not be available until June, according to FEMA

Donald Trump promised the U.S. would have 100,000 ventilators. However, FEMA announces to House Oversight Committee that most of them will be unavailable until June. The shortage of the products could worsen the spike in the number of cases and deaths from COVID-19 in the U.S. They pointed out that 9,500 of them were in the national stockpile, and there will be 3,200 more by the week of April 13.

Ben Song
Ben Song
Otis B Driftwood
Otis B Driftwood 5 months

I called it. I worked in the medical device industry for many years. You can't just ramp up production and get product out overnight. Everything you do had lead times. For a sophisticated piece of equipment, these companies are usually around 3 months. Meaning that the parts ordered today will be a finished, tested product in the months. You can take some of that slack out, and pay extra for faster delivery. But still have to set up new assembly lines and build new equipment to test the extra products. It all takes a certain amount of time, and these place do usually run three shifts. And they have to do all that under the watchful eye of the FDA, to make sure that quality doesn't slip. End of May/early June sounded about right to me. I wish it were faster, but these aren't simple devices like masks and gowns.

Carol 5 months

How "prepared" is the WH?!!

Fin 5 months

All this chaos and added death because of denial... Can't help thinking about Albert camus novel.. THE PLAGUE...

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