NRA sues NY over gun store closures amid coronavirus outbreak

NRA sues NY over gun store closures amid coronavirus outbreak

The NRA sued NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo for deeming gun shops nonessential, forcing them to close during the coronavirus outbreak. Cuomo made the designation on March 20, labeling only grocery stores, liquor stores, pharmacies & restaurants as essential. The powerful pro-gun group’s suit follows a similar suit that they filed against California last week after Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a similar order.

edwin 1 months

Does Cuomo not realize that he cannot legally close off citizens from the right to purchase firearms? Multiple municipalities have already had similar orders overturned.

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 1 months

So the NRA is still good for something... huh. And before anyone gets their panties in a twist, let me explain: the NRA is similar to the GOP: they were both the voices of the American people. Key word WERE. Nowadays, not so much. The GOA has become the new NRA.

michael 1 months

I'm anti gun proliferation, and I do not deem gun stores essential in non hunting communities. but this feels like an agenda if they are deeming liquor stores and restaurants essential.

brad 1 months

Thank God someone is watching out for the people in this crazy time. The government forces millions into unemployment and isolation, then won't let them protect themselves from the desperate and unscrupulous. Good job NRA.

Cheston Moore
Cheston Moore 1 months

When they’re deploying national guardsmen with guns to “maintain” peace and order, and enforcing a curfew, you’re gonna tell me ITS NOT disarming the people when they close gun stores? WHAT?? How is BOOZE more important than PROTECTION?? Highlight: deploying soldiers and disarming citizens- what does this look like?? What the hell is this??

A 1 months

It's nice to see the financially backed Russian gun Association they created in the US is promoting the end to our civilization. There is nothing more important than making sure you have your guns when everything is crashing down upon us. God forbid you see your "manhood" at its actual size. If you need a gun to get through your day, YOU HAVE BIGGER ISSUES THAN YOU THOUGHT.

Carol 1 months

People are "dying," and all the NRA is concerned about is $$?!!

npc8472 1 months

How does it comput in anyone's brain that a liquor store is essential but the second amendment isn't?

Patrick 1 months

We have the right to bear arms as per the second ammendment. It does not state that stores are mandated to sell arms. We still have the right to our weapons, just right now it may be harder to get them. Doesn't sound un constitutional to me.

Lisa 1 months

Is the NRA upset because so many people are dying and they are not making any money from it? In case they haven’t noticed THIS COUNTRY IS GOING THROUGH A MAJOR HEALTH CRISIS. guns are NOT essential. Don’t the states have enough to deal with? NRA Grow Up! Your selfish actions are UNHELPFUL to this country!

Adam Marceau
Adam Marceau 1 months

This is why you should always own a gun the the reason the 2a exists. They are telling people the cops are not going to show up for anything other than burglar still on site or you are un immediate danger as they let criminals out of all the prisons

Sandra 1 months

The NRA is broke. GOOD!

Cheri Carter
Cheri Carter 1 months

The purchase of guns has never been essential. The Constitution only says you have the right to bear arms. That doesn't equate to being able to purchase them during this pandemic. One person said if you live in the mountains you need them to protect yourself from bears and mountain lions. Well, if you're living there, chances are you already have one so you don't need another one, therefore not essential. Some of you just want to find anything to complain about. If you need to complain about something, direct your comments to the lack of leadership by this president. Tell him to quit blaming the States for not being prepared and step up to the plate and get the supplies to the hospitals who are crying out for help.

Arrow 1 months

I would like to see the full transcripts from their lawsuit, just to see the line between the right to bear, and the essential nature of sale. Either way though, I hope the NRA wins the case. You can't give an inch on the issue of the second amendment unless you're prepared to lose a mile.

John W
John W 1 months

Liberals complaining about gun buying restrictions. What hippocrates.

SomeGuyWhoDoesThings 1 months

On the subject of forcing gun stores closed, it is both unconstitutional and against directives from the federal government (which categorized gun stores as essential). On a personal level, with the situation getting worse law abiding people need some means of self/home defense. The cops can’t be everywhere, and even if you (can) call them it takes time to get there. Lethal encounters can happen in seconds, and by the time the cops get there they’re simply a cleanup crew. That’s why many firearms owners get concealed carry permits (when the state doesn’t block them for bullshit reasons).

little 1 months

Guns over human life. Not surprised. But New York doesn't need another hassle. If tRump gets his way, there will be no one left to sue.

Brandon 1 months

Of course

James 1 months

I'm not a huge fan of any "non-profit" organization trying to force the handover of tax-payer money to them in the midst of an outbreak. Idgaf, go ahead and debate whether or not guns kill. These people, The NRA, are taking a global event that puts the lives of thousands, if not millions at risk, and seizing the opportunity to benefit from it at the expense of powers that are leading in the effort against this global crisis. If this isn't the moment you question the morality of the NRA, you need to go to the closest mirror, look yourself in the eyes, and continue justifying the existence of this organization. -owner of several firearms

Victor 1 months

Cuomo and Newsom heroes of this pandemic. Trump the imbecile and inept president of this country. He should take lessons from them on how to be a true leader.

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