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Mosques stay open in Pakistan despite shutdown & growing virus death toll

Mosques stay open in Pakistan despite shutdown & growing virus death toll

Mosques were allowed to remain open in Pakistan on Friday, when muslims gather for weekly prayers, even as the coronavirus pandemic spread. PM Imran Khan is relying on restricting the size of congregations attending mosques & advice to stay at home from religious groups. However, some provinces have issued their own lockdown orders to prevent Muslims from gathering for Friday prayers.

Max Bants
Max Bants 7 months

Time to test how much Allah loves his people

Andre Gerard
Andre Gerard 7 months

Pakistan has an incest rate of 70%, Covid-19 is the least of their problems!

I think
I think 7 months

Finally, a good news story.

CGandG 7 months

It’s like the imams WANT to cull their herd! “Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, head of a committee tasked with spotting the new moon in Pakistan marking the beginning of holy months such as Ramadan, went on television telling people their faith would protect them and they should attend the mosque.” There is just no way to make this up!

dan 7 months

Not religious at all and find it funny how religious people react to this. In the end we'll see how many religious people and young people fair with how they act in the next 6 months?

Edward Williams
Edward Williams 7 months

Good riddance

wazzy75 7 months

Well I guess Allah is gonna have a few more people to keep him company...

Speedy 7 months

Nek minnut....1000 infected

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