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Trump Organization lays off 1500, seeks concessions on loans

Trump Organization lays off 1500, seeks concessions on loans

As per a report by Bloomberg, the Trump Organization is actively seeking out concessions from Deutsche Bank, one of its lenders, due to the pandemic. Representatives from Trump’s company reached out to the bank late in March and talks between the company and the bank are ongoing. The Trump Organization has laid off or furloughed about 1,500 employees at hotels in the U.S. and Canada.

a commoner
a commoner 5 months

What makes his company worse than any of the others who have done this? Why not call out all the other corporations that have done this? In Illinois, the casinos have laid off all their employees. Not to mention the malls, retail of goods other than food (who needs clothes?) Bowling alleys, movie theaters, etc. Just like all other corporations his is doing what it must to still be viable whenbthis is over. Its not GREED for this company any more than it is for the businesses mentioned above. Seriously I dont know why this story was shared

Carol 5 months

This man's GREED is unbelievable!!

Brandon 5 months

With all the money they've siphoned off the government you would think they'd have no issue. But hey, the government will continue to ensure the rich stay rich.

MrFredag 5 months

Trump supporters will call this a great buisness move🙄

TheTrooper424 5 months

This app is slowly being taken over by TDS nonsense. Good job Newsvoice, you've played yourself. This app was great at first but will consider uninstalling if this progresses.

Insane Poetry
Insane Poetry 5 months

there have been 10 million unemployment claims in the last 2 weeks. the 1500 from the trump organization is nothing but a drop in the ocean of unemployed. people need to pull their heads out of their you know what.

Young Conservative
Young Conservative 5 months

Yikes my mum used to work for Deutsche bank, they've been broke for years. Before anyone calls me some elitist banker she was a secretary for investment bankers, hardly rolling in cash.

edwin 5 months

Wow, where are the posts regarding Disney, or any other hotel/resort business? Or casinos, malls, etc. Heck rest stops truckers depend on to move necessary goods are closed down and people are bitching about a standard business practice?

Clint 5 months

I dont like this man at allllll but MSNBC Joe is right when he told Pelosi and Schumer it's unfair to allow other business to apply for money from the stimulus package but not Trump's. That's some unfair bullshit

Orion Dakota
Orion Dakota 5 months

This is not a surprise at all. Democrats forced there to be an exemption to any stimulus money being used for businesses with any link to Trump or any other senator or congress member. All other hotel chains got interest free loans or grants to avoid laying off employees. Almost like anyone with a brain that knew how unfair it was to single out Trump hotels could see this coming a mile away!

Fin 5 months

The lay offs in any company any company have also much to do with social distancing stay the Frick at home... Every industry n company effected... Goes to show u no one is immune from the economic pain

Lev 5 months

That's another 1,500 added to the unemployment numbers I guess someone's come to terms of not being re-elected.

NPA 5 months

This is nothing. Businesses gotta do whatever they can to survive. But no doubt Trump will abuse his power to come out on top before this is over.

Hershel 5 months

ORANGEMANBAD. Orange man. Bad. ORANGE BAD. MAN. -the left for another 8 years

Marian 5 months

Probably not paying them, making them collect unemployment benefit. Well Trump won’t be spending his own money, he likes taxpayers dollars

MATHematics 5 months

Holy shit

IvoryDove 5 months

In today's leftist framework, refusing to pay people to do nothing is "greed", but taking money to do nothing is "generous".

Property 5 months

Isn't it trumps son who owns it now?

Biden is Your Choice?
Biden is Your Choice? 5 months

Thanks Obama

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