Vietnam protests Beijing’s sinking of South China Sea boat

Vietnam protests Beijing’s sinking of South China Sea boat

Vietnam has lodged a protest with China following the sinking of a Vietnamese fishing boat. Vietnam said the boat, with eight fishermen onboard, had been rammed by a Chinese maritime surveillance vessel near islands in the disputed South China Sea. All the fishermen were picked up by the Chinese vessel alive and were transferred to two other Vietnamese fishing vessels operating nearby.

harbringer F
harbringer F 1 months

A pity China meddle in elections and busy politicians or more would be done about this. Sad that the entire time CNN brayed about Russia the real problem bought, bribed and manipulated.

James 1 months

just give it a little bit of time that Island out there will be sunk our warship will f****** think that thing to the bottom the Davy Jones Locker in their asses a go with it all them f****** idiot the f*** with the wrong country that's what's going to happen eventually we're going to go kick the s*** out of their country and we will win nobody's better than the United States military on Battleground nobody and Firepower they can't f****** match anyways they need their asses handed to him for this because I responsible for this s***

Skeptic 1 months

China counting on U.S. being too distracted or just not caring about freedom of seas to do anything in response.

Robert_Clearwater 1 months

Don't listen to China, China is asshoe!

anthony 1 months

Chinese hardball!

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