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Trump nominates Brian Miller for coronavirus inspector general

Trump nominates Brian Miller for coronavirus inspector general

President Trump announced Friday that he has tapped Brian Miller, who serves as a special assistant to the president and senior associate counsel in the White House Counsel’s office, to serve as the special inspector general for pandemic recovery. Miller will oversee the disbursement of hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds as part of the coronavirus relief package.

Emperor Tito
Emperor Tito 7 months

Nooooooooooo! If we don’t get a puppet to oversee the money how can we funnel it to our buddies like we did with Obama’s stimulus package?!?! Noooooooo!

Carol 7 months

We knew this was gonna happen, as soon as he "fired" the well-qualified one! Now he has a loyal, unqualified one who will do his bidding on "who" gets what money; I bet the people who are suppose to get it won't see a penny!

BoboRama 7 months

Oh no, President picks someone to do a job. Somebody stop him, he's a madman! What passes as news these days disgusts me. And don't worry, I mean all of it these days.

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