U.S. officials redistribute protective gear seized from alleged hoarder

U.S. officials redistribute protective gear seized from alleged hoarder

A U.S. task force seized medical supplies from an alleged hoarder that included a stockpile of personal protective equipment, including 192,000 N95 respirator masks. It will be distributed to health authorities in New York and New Jersey. The owner offered to sell masks and other materials to a New Jersey doctor for a 700% markup and coughed on FBI agents who questioned him.

Idiot Prole
Idiot Prole 1 months

Sounds like a bellend but I hope he was paid a fair price. You can't just seize stuff off someone and redistribute it no matter how much of a prick they are.

TheOneandOnly 1 months

So it’s suddenly ok for the feds to kick in your front door and steal your property, for purchasing a stockpile. Remember back in the day when we didn’t live under a tyrannical government? This is a bad precedent they are setting.

Tim Baker
Tim Baker 1 months

While I get what your saying I don't really have any sympathy for this scumbag.

Fin 1 months

Actually you can since the president declared this pandemic a national emergency.... He had no business license to trade n sell materials earmarked by the president in this declaration its why u can no longer buy certain materials on sites right now deemed necessary for public health response... U have to be one corroded empty sick greedy soul to think that kind of behavior is acceptable on any level while those around you are risking their life to save another... I hope congress learns from this n passes laws with hefty hefty prison sentences n fines for such bs

Mathan 1 months

Trump's America. Make a profit off the suffering. Shame on him and those like him.

M. Schlegel
M. Schlegel 1 months

Is it OK to seize the material? Yes, it can safe lives. Should he be reimbursed ? Yes. Not his inflated 700% price but yes. Will that happen? I guess no. In the end this is a symptom of our overly individualistic society, where it is morally accepted to do things to enrich yourself that can seriously harm others. Right to private property isn’t something to be toyed with and even in an emergency no government should be able to just seize that stuff. Heck even many “socialist” countries do pay some form of recompensation every time they seize something for the state (if the amount is fair is another question, ask chinese farmers losing their la d to the cities expansion...). So, pay him a fair price. And if you think he is an asshole, try to transform your direct community as the mindset allowing for such egoism is wide spread. But that’s something for you personal and not for the state to do.

skrappjaw 1 months

Next they'll come for your stockpile of ammo and guns. Watch out. We should be outraged by theft on this level. Civil asset forfeitire is a violation of property rights. Most of the time there is no due process and they'll use these cases in the courts as case law to further tyranny. This dude was a jerk, but he can sit on his supply.

Fin 1 months

It's just like when certain individuals trigger a watch list in accumulating large quantities of fertilizer.... This should now be a law for masks n ventilators n other ppe u buy in such bulk u trigger the authorities to investigate...

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