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China mourns thousands who died in country’s COVID-19 epidemic

China mourns thousands who died in country’s COVID-19 epidemic

China, on Saturday, mourned thousands of ’martyrs’ who have died in the COVID-19 outbreak. The day of mourning coincides with the start of the annual Qingming tomb-sweeping festival, when millions of families pay respects to their ancestors. The country observed three minutes of silence to mourn those who died. President Xi Jinping and other leaders paid silent tribute in front of the flag.

Indo 5 months

Whilst they mourn, they might want to take a moment to reflect on the mess they spread along their wake. The world once again has to pay for their garbage disposal system. They never bother about it. Coz they got major shareholding in the World Health Organisation.

Fin 5 months

Inspite of what gov did or did not do...regular ppl just ppl died n families mourn... Instead of being political asses zeroing in on China how bout being a wee bit respectful of the simple ppl who died.. If but for a moment...

Inappropriate Name
Inappropriate Name 5 months

Correction, they mourn tens of thousands.

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