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Zoom will begin enabling privacy settings by default

Zoom will begin enabling privacy settings by default

The video conference platform’s explosive growth due to Covid-19 has brought several of its security shortcomings into the spotlight. Starting April 5, Zoom will enable passwords on calls by default to help prevent ’Zoombombing’, where nefarious actors guess meeting IDs and blast participants with offensive imagery or vulgar language.

Dawlben 5 months

Basic Privacy should have been default from the first.

.Tet. 5 months

I've never even heard of Zoom. Well, except a Flash villain.

Barry 5 months

Why is everyone using Zoom anyways?

Gary Bea
Gary Bea 5 months

Real headline: Zoom has collected enough data so now will implement security. It's just like America with nuclear research - once they had all the data they wanted they supported a worldwide ban on nuclear tests.

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